About Us

Pacific NorthWest Regional

That part of the States of Oregon and Washington lying west of a line drawn from Coulee Dam, Washington to Burns, Oregon.

IFCA International ministry in the USA is carried forth by our 32 Regionals which represent regions of the country where churches and pastors are organized for IFCA ministry. For 360 days out of every year, the focal point of IFCA International’s ministry is found in the IFCA Regionals across the country. Five days of the year we spend together in our annual conventions.
Ministry that builds, strengthens, edifies, and equips… which provides fellowship, counsel, cooperation and encouragement for the individuals and churches of the Regional… that’s what we want to see accomplished in each of our Regionals. 

Northwest Independent Church Extension (NICE)

Planting & Assisting Churches

Extending Independent Churches in the Northwest — that is the goal of the NICE organization — to come alongside churches in order to help them extend themselves in planting other churches.

Visit the NICE website.