Our Organization

Structure and Affiliation

We are affiliated with IFCA International as the Pacific Northwest Regional

An Executive Committee, elected from individual members and representatives of IFCA International in the Pacific Northwest Regional, leads our fellowship with the assistance of appointed Area Coordinators.

The document below guides our function.

Constitution of the Pacific Northwest Regional, IFCA International

The name of this organization shall be the Pacific Northwest Regional of IFCA International. 
This organization shall be affiliated with IFCA International under the provisions of Article XV of the latter’s Constitution.
The purpose of the Regional is to equip and encourage churches, church leaders, and other Christian workers toward spiritual maturity and effective biblical ministry.
The territory of this organization shall include Washington and Oregon, except that area east of a north-south line from Coulee Dam in Washington and Burns in Oregon. This territory may be divided into Area Fellowships to make possible more frequent meetings and more effective cooperation in the several areas as the membership may deem advisable; thus to facilitate the purpose and goals of the organization. 
Section 1   Individual voting members shall consist of those who are members in good standing of IFCA International, and those who are official delegates of IFCA International member churches and other IFCA International member organizations. 
Section 2   Church membership shall consist of churches affiliated with IFCA International.  Each member church shall be entitled to two men delegates. Churches having more than 200 members shall be allowed additional delegates on the basis of one for every 100, or majority fraction thereof over 200 membership. 
Section 3   Churches who have not become members of the organization shall be invited as non-voting groups to full fellowship and cooperation in fulfillment of the purpose of this organization, provided they subscribe to the Articles of Faith of IFCA International. 
Section 1   FISCAL YEAR
The fiscal year of this organization shall conform to that of IFCA International.
Section 2   OFFICERS
The officers of this organization shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. 
The officers of this organization shall serve for a term of three years, one-third of which shall expire each year. The term of the President and Vice-President shall not expire in the same year. Upon nomination and election the officers may serve in the same office for two successive terms.
Officers of this organization shall be members of IFCA International, with the exception that two authorized delegates of member churches may be elected to serve a Regional office, though not holding individual membership in IFCA International.

A.    The President shall preside at all sessions of the meetings of the Executive Committee. He shall perform all other duties that inhere to his office.
B.    The Vice-President shall perform such duties as the President may delegate to him.  In the absence or incapacity of the pesident, he shall have the same authority and perform the same duties as the President.
C.   The Secretary shall keep the minutes and an accurate record of the meetings of the Executive Committee, and of the meetings of the Regional organization. He shall keep all official records, papers and official seal in his custody, as directed by the Executive Committee. He shall perform such other duties as the Executive Committee may assign him.  He shall prepare and present to the Annual Meeting of the Regional a comprehensive statistical report of the organization.
D.   The Treasurer shall receive, deposit and disburse all funds of the organization at the direction of the Executive Committee. He shall prepare and present to the Annual Meeting of the organization a complete report of funds received and disbursed. He shall be prepared to report to the Executive Committee the organization’s financial status at any called meeting.  


A.   The Executive Committee shall consist of all of the elected officers of the organization, together with the Executive Director of the Northwest Independent Church Extension.
B.   The Executive Committee shall have the general oversight of the organization and shall carry out its purpose, goals and policies. 
C.   The Executive Committee shall provide a program for the effective fulfillment of the purpose of the organization.  This shall include all phases of ministry – youth, men, and women – so as to unite the entire constituency in its program.
D.   The Executive Committee shall appoint Area Coordinators as they deem necessary. Area Coordinators shall give leadership and oversight in matters pertaining to their area constituency and assist the Executive Committee in regional program planning. They shall maintain close contact with the churches, pastors and Christian workers in that area who are members of IFCA International., seeking to promote fellowship, prayer, unity, and ministry partnerships which would benefit those within their area.
E.   The Executive Committee shall have the authority to appoint such special committees as will enable the organization to fulfill its ministry.
F.    A Nominating Committee shall be appointed at the beginning of the fiscal year to serve until the new officers are elected. This Committee shall seek to present two nominees for each office.
G.    An Auditing Committee of two Regional members shall be appointed at the spring meeting to audit the books of the Treasurer and to present a report to the membership. 


Section 1   The Annual Business Meeting shall be held during the first Regional meeting (conference) of the calendar year.
Section 2   Other meetings shall convene as may be arranged by the Executive Committee, or by the Regional membership as shall be deemed necessary.
Section 3   A quorum shall consist of the voting members and delegates present at any meeting.

This organization may be incorporated under the laws of the state. 
The Women’s Fellowship of the Pacific Northwest Regional shall hold its meetings during the regional conferences, and shall be subject to the direction of the Regional Executive Committee. 
This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote at a regularly called meeting of the Regional organization, provided the proposed amendment shall have been mailed to each individual member and member church not less than thirty (30) days prior to the meeting.
Official Revisions: April 25, 1977; March 8, 1994; March 6, 2007, March 22, 2009, March 17, 2015