Evergreen Protocols

Here is a summary of the approach to COVID precautions we take at Evergreen Bible Church and what we would also offer for the regional conference.

The Spectrum: We recognize that with respect to COVID, its risks and appropriate precautions, we have a fairly wide spectrum of views represented in our gathering. That is true in our respective churches and I’m certain it is true in our regional. 

Gracious Unity: We must extend grace to another in the midst of these differences. At Evergreen, we have used Romans 14:3 as an important guide. If the apostle Paul were addressing COVID protocols, it might read something like this: “The one who is more cautious must not look down on him who is less so, and the one who is less cautious must not look down on him who is more so, for God has accepted him.” 

With a gracious attitude as the foundation, here are guidelines we will work to follow.

  • Physical Distancing: We are actually not in favor of ‘social’ distancing, but we do encourage physical distancing as a general rule. We will not be policing this, so we will be trusting everyone to be mindful. We also recognize that there may be moments when you realize a physical touch is needed, and that God would have you set aside the rule in that instance. We will not be judging you.
  • Face Coverings: We ask that everyone who is able to please wear a face covering while inside the church building to help limit the spread of germs. We recognize there may be some who cannot do so for some reason and we understand. You will not be quizzed about it, we will simply extend grace and compassion. However, we do want to let you know that those who are speaking or leading worship will not be required to wear a mask while they are doing so. And of course, we will all have to remove them when we’re eating. 
  • Hand Sanitizer: Frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitizer is also helpful and you should find plenty of supplies on hand for that.

Those are the values and protocols we follow at Evergreen and we trust they will be suitable as we host the regional.